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Middlethorpe’s Got Talent!


On Wednesday 15th February we hosted our very first ‘Middlethorpe’s Got Talent’. This event was organised at the request of our children with the help of Friends of Middlethorpe in order to raise money for our outdoor learning project. So far we have approximately £2500 collected for this exciting project. The Academy Council have put together ideas and plans and the academy Business Manager met with contractors recently. Our target for this fundraising is £5,500. The proposed plans and designs will be availble for you to see in the entrance to the academy after half term. Watch this space!







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Middlethorpe Chrismtas Fair 2016

Our children, Friends of Middlethorpe and staff have been working tirelessly to organise and stock our Christmas Fair and what a fantastic job they did!

This year’s profit – £1,250!! This is unbelievable. Everyone at the academy would like to say an enormous thank you to parents, carers, grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends who came to the fair and helped us to raise such a fantastic amount of money.

Our academy council, staff and parents have made the decision that this £1,250 will be the start of a fundraising challenge. We would like to improve opportunities for outdoor learning across the academy. Fundraising could provide a covered space for outdoor learning in KS1, a sensory garden, opportunities to lessen our carbon footprint and development of an eco-friendly environment at Middlethorpe. Over the coming months a display showing the total raised will be created and events will be put onto the calendar. The design of this will be created by children, parents and staff.

















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Thank you Friends of Middlethorpe


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Friends of Middlethorpe – Christmas Fair

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Enterprise project


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Enterprise troopers begin to make their product ready to sell


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Enterprise troopers


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Our enterprise troopers advertise their business project.


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Enterprise troopers bring in their knowledge of Literacy and Numeracy .


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